Shauna Marie Photos
I'm a bit of a princess of all trades. 
I have always had a difficult time talking about myself. I think that stems from a lifetime of awkwardness and low self-esteem. I picked up a camera at an early age. I’m sure if my mom has kept them, there are entire rolls of pictures with my thumb of finger in the picture. The joys of old school 35mm cameras! Of course, as I became an older, more precocious child, I would take my nieces and nephews into the woods for photo shoots.
Adolescence brought a time of confusion, upset, and the first introduction into life. It isn’t easy accepting our differences. I lost photography for many years, and it wasn’t until after the birth of my daughter that I found myself diving back into photography. I went back into portrait work. My daughter and husband are often victims of my nosy lens.
Rebecca Allison 12 months
Friends and family graciously allow for me to photograph them. I have been present at prom pre parties, weddings, and celebrations. I’ve most definitely made more mistakes than I’d like to, but I’ve learned so much along the way. ​​​​​​​
Bobby, film
Mia - prom 2019
Mia - prom 2018
Maalima graduation
Matthew and Cecily's wedding
Time spent with family is never wasted. 
I was accepted into the nursing program in the spring of 2015, and immediately our lives were in nursing student limbo. We didn’t know much, but we did know that mom was busy with some assignment, or mom was studying for the major test. We made it through that journey, and I can proudly add registered nurse to my credentials. After a work accident flipped my entire life plan on its head, I had to step back and focus on how to heal physically as well as mentally.
And then came a life altering trip to Monterey. My husband and I spent the entire vacation completely relaxing, and part of that relaxing was sitting on the rocks watching the waves rise and crash repeatedly. While my problems shrank under the immensity of the moments, my eye and camera began to stitch a tale of healing. This process has also sparked a new energy for color and gardening. I’m able to find passion and creativity while I struggle with the new identity.
Sunset Fishing

My current photography goal is to spread love, support, and creativity through my vision of the world. I aim to provide a tiny relief from the daily stresses of life. ​​​​​​​